Sunday, 15 March 2015

Lets talk about Death

We need to talk about death. More. And getting old. In detail, and with specific requests and wishes made clear. Cheery topics for mother’s day!

But by avoiding these uncomfortable subjects or talking only in vague terms we are storing up trouble and heartache.

My mum always told me 'Push me off a cliff when I go ga-ga!’. Turns out there aren’t that many cliffs in north London. And what exactly did she mean by 'ga-ga'? Then, now and in the future. 

Did she mean she’d rather die than go into an old peoples’ home? Did she mean spend every last penny of my savings on keeping me in my own home? Or did she mean do what you think best? Was she releasing me metaphorically from duty and guilt, or heaping it on my shoulders?

Too late to ask for certain. So this Mother’s Day I am going to make my wishes clear to my nearest and dearest.  Push me under a bus when I go ga-ga. Much easier in London.

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